O.TWO.O Light Mist Mousse Air Lip Glaze

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High-energy Heavy Mist Matte Lip glaze

Product Description: As soft and silky as mousse, a touch melts between the lips. Putting on lips is light without burden, rich and full color, outstanding color rendering power, smooth and fix color, creating beautiful lips with advanced velvet mist.

Draw the outline of lips with a lip brush, and then evenly fill the lip color, naturally blend out, matte mist lip makeup can be created.


#01: Apricot Peach Pink
#02: Peach Cameo Brown
#03: Smoky Cameo Brown
#04: Rose Cameo Brown
#05: Berry Plum Red (recommended)
#06: Liquor Cocoa Red (recommended)
#07: Cream Apricot Tawny (recommended)
#08: Cream Orange Red
#09: Almond Cream Tawny (recommended)
#10: Caramel Chestnuts Red
#11: Mocha Tawny Brown
#12: Tawny Dusty Orange