O.TWO.O Moisturizer Essential Make Up Oil

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About the product:
(1)MOISTURIZING - Are you ready to creat perfect skin? Apply the makeup primer instantly moisturizing, leaving skin smooth, easy to absord, easy to wear, say goodbye to the dry skin.
(2)SHRINK PORES - The makeup primer of this kind can better reduce the appearance of the line, so that the pores look invisible.
(3)MATTE & ANTI-WRINKLE - This make-up primer is soft and light. It reveals translucent and matte skin texture and has a certain wrinkle-removing effect to improve skin texture.
(4)MIX WITH FOUNDATION -  Squeeze a little to mix with favorite foundation to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.
(5)SMOOTH & DELICATE - Strong muscle base,creating long-lasting makeup,revitalizes skin elasticity, leaves skin healthy and smooth, delicate and full.