O.TWO.O Heart Breaking Flash Highlight Powder Plate

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Star moving shining high light

Stereoscopic and sparkling,lock the highlight moment.The highlighting powder is very fine, once applied, immediately sparkle,thin shimmering particles brighten the sense of makeup, so that the contours of the face are immediately displayed.Flimsy and non-greasy,not easy to fly powder, long lasting color rendering, easy to create three-dimensional shining skin.High light girl, you are the protagonist.


Usage: apply the face brush to dip moderate high light, gently sweep the parts to be brightened, such as cheekbones, nasal beam, eyebrow bone and so on, strengthen the stereoscopic sense of the facial features.

01 (Island ice coconut) suitable for natural and white color of skin

02 (Mocha coffee) suitable for healthy and warm color of skin

03 (Cocoa pork belly) suitable for all colors of skin